Clinical Analysis of Human Epididymal Protein (HE4)

Human epididymal protein 4 (HE4) is a new tumor marker for ovarian cancer. The incidence of ovarian cancer ranks the third among the three major gynecological malignancies. Because its early symptoms are not obvious and it is not easy to be detected, the 5-year survival rate of patients decreases from 70%-90% to 20% with the increase of the time of cancer.
With the development of basic research, it is inferred that HE4 tumour marker may be the next good serological indicator for ovarian cancer.

1. Cognitive research on human epididymal protein 4 (HE4) has also begun to tilt towards clinical application:

In 2003, Hellstrom and his colleagues began to explore the clinical use of HE4. He found that the positive rate of HE4 was lower in patients with benign disease, and that HE4 had a sensitivity of 80% and a specificity of 95% in patients with advanced ovarian cancer.
A further study by Havrilesky in 2008 found that HE4, as a single tumor indicator, had a higher sensitivity (83%) for ovarian cancer screening, especially for stage I ovarian cancer and pelvic mass.

In 2009, Moore et al. compared human epididymal protein 4 (HE4) and CA125 (cancer antigen 125 marker), two indicators of ovarian cancer, and found that HE4 had higher sensitivity (72.9% VS 43.3%) and little difference in specificity (95%). Different from CA125, HE4 test is not affected by menopausal status and is more suitable for distinguishing between benign and malignant tumors in premenopausal patients. Moore further studied and found that compared with other single tumor markers (CA125, CA724, soluble mesenchymal), the ROC curve area of HE4 was larger than that of other indicators for both early and advanced endometrial cancer.

In the same year, Huhtinen et al. found that HE4 test could not only distinguish benign and malignant tumors, but also ovarian cancer and ovarian endometriosis cysts.

2. Human epididymal protein 4 (HE4) was found to be elevated in both ovarian and endometrial cancer, but not in all types of endometriosis

It can be found that a series of studies have confirmed that HE4, a novel tumor marker, is a good indicator for the early diagnosis and monitoring of ovarian cancer, and can be used in clinic.
Currently, HE4 human epididymis protein 4 has been approved by FDA as an indicator to monitor ovarian cancer recurrence.

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