A reliable contract developer of immunoassay

Both off-the-shelf products and development service are available from Sekbio, and our product lines inlcude:

1)  CLIA-Chemiluminescence immunoassay and ELISA

2)  TRFIA- Time-resolved fluorescent lateral flow immunoassay

3)  LFA- Colloidal gold/latex based lateral flow immunoassay

4)  IVD antibodies

More than 100 immunoassay items have been developed by our R&D team, and more items will come out each year.

  • Sekbio Incorporated is a prestigious biotech developer and manufacturer specialised in immunoassay, based in Shenzhen-the thriving innovation hub of China.

  • Our established advanced R&D lab, located in Science Park, Singapore, brings together numerous talented biotech professionals, transforming innovation into reality.

  • Our Shenzhen state-of-the-art facility spans an 2000 square meters and adheres to the highest GMP compliance standards, guaranteeing exceptional quality in every aspect of our operations.

  • To further exemplify our commitment to excellence, we have implemented comprehensive ISO13485 quality systems through out our producction procedure.These rigorous quality control measures ensure that our products consistently meet the hgih-level industry standards, providing you with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Moreover, our in-house production of antibodies sets us apart, enabling us to maintain stringent quality control and deliver superior reagents. The established phage display technology platform is able to speed up the  antibody development, and dozens of projects have been completed based on this platform.  

Since its establishment, SEKBIO has established long-term and stable partnerships with IVD customers from numerous countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and beyond. we are committed to providing excellent customer service and high-quality products. We understand the importance of time and quality in biological research and applications, and therefore we guarantee to deliver satisfactory results with the fastest speed and optimal quality.


sekbio-1.jpgNameJack Sun , 

Sales Director

SDA Bocconi MBA 

With over 20 years of deep involvement in the IVD industry, the company's founder has excelled in various aspects, including immunoreagent development, strategic investments in cutting-edge IVD fields, and independent entrepreneurship to provide immunoreagent solutions. With a persistent passion for IVD products, the company strives to deliver top-quality immunoreagents. Apart from work, the founder is passionate about running and looks forward to a brighter future in the IVD industry, alongside like-minded friends.

Wei_Shigong.jpgNameWei Shigong

TitleVice president

Graduated from Xiamen University, formerly served as the Director of Research and Development in a listed company.

Proficient in immunochromatography, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), and chemiluminescence immunoassay, among other fields of immunodiagnosis.

Possesses extensive experience in product development, registration, production, and quality control.

Led the development of over 40 products, with more than 20 products obtaining China's Class II or III registration certificates or CE IVDD List A registration and being launched for sale.


Name: Arno Chen

Title: Research Director

PostgraduateBiochemistry and Molecular Biology

Engaged in the research and development of chemiluminescent reagents for 5 years, as the project leader and led the team to develop and transfer more than 10 projects to the market.Adhering to the original intention of making more accurate diagnostic reagents, we will continue to cultivate in the field of in vitro diagnostic reagents.

R&D Partner: Wang Xusheng R-D-Partner-Wang-Xusheng.jpg

Title/Position/PhD Supervisor

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University (Shenzhen)


2010-2015: PhD in Cell Biology, Tsinghua University

2017-Present: Associate Professor and PhD Supervisor at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University (Shenzhen)

Research Focus:

Regulatory mechanisms of stem cell differentiation in vitro and in vivo, in vitro cloning of small organs (hair follicles) based on stem cells.


1. Wang X, Chen H, Zeng X, Guo W, Jin Y, et al. (2018) Efficient Lung Cancer-Targeted Drug Delivery Via a Nanoparticle/MSC System. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B.

2. Wang X, Dong S, Wu Y (2018) Isolation and Cultivation of Epidermal (Stem) Cells. Methods Mol Biol.

3. Wang, X., H. Chen, R. Tian, Y. Zhang, M.S. Drutskaya, C. Wang, J. Ge, Z. Fan, D. Kong, X. Wang, et al., Macrophages induce AKT/beta-catenin-dependent Lgr5+ stem cell activation and hair follicle regeneration through TNF. Nature Communications, 2017. 8: p. 14091.

4. Wang, X., J. Ge, E.E. Tredget, and Y. Wu, The mouse excisional wound splinting model, including applications for stem cell transplantation. Nature Protocol, 2013. 8(2): p. 302-9.

5. Wang, X., E.E. Tredget, and Y. Wu, Dynamic signals for hair follicle development and regeneration. Stem Cells Dev, 2012. 21(1): p. 7-18.

Sekbio IVD Raw Materials Certificate

Sekbio IVD Raw Materials Certificate


  • Shenzhen Children's Hospital
  • Southern University of Science and Technology
  • Saansure Troponin Protein
  • The Seventh Affiliated Hospital Sun Eat-sen University
  • Livzon Myoglobin
  • City University of Hong Kong