Lateral Flow Development

As a leading provider of advanced biomedical services, SEKBIO are proud to offer high-quality, convenient, and rapid lateral flow assay services.

Lateral flow, also known as lateral flow assay, is a common diagnostic technology widely used in biomedical fields such as clinical diagnostics, food safety testing, drug testing, and more. Our lateral flow services are based on the latest technology and methods, aiming to provide accurate and reliable results for our customers.

Structure of a lateral flow rapid test uncut sheet


Why choose Uncut Sheets from Sekbio

With our team of experienced professionals and technical expertise, we customize lateral flow solutions based on our customers' specific needs. Our comprehensive services include antibody and antigen screening, optimization, and development, sample handling and preparation, as well as result interpretation and data analysis.

In-house production of antibodies and antigens: Utilizing the most effective antibody pair available results in the highest sensitivity in the market.

1) Our GMP-grade facility spans 2000 square meters and is equipped with comprehensive quality control and ISO systems.

2) Our competitive pricing has been a key advantage and commitment, and we are flexible in addressing any pricing concerns you may have.

3) We offer continuous support, including technical assistance and documentation support. We also have experience in obtaining CE approval.


How should we collaborate?

We are delighted to partner with innovative start-up companies, and offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions to help clients in the diagnostic industry bring their ideas to life. Our team of experienced scientists and engineers work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized project plans that cover all aspects of product development, from concept to commercialization.

We offer a wide range of services, including assay development, feasibility testing, optimization, verification and validation, regulatory compliance, and manufacturing transfer. Our team is equipped with the latest technologies and expertise to ensure that our clients' products meet the highest quality standards and regulatory requirements.

The detail of our services including:

Raw material (antibodies and antigens )development and manufacturing.

--Our reliable raw materials provide the foundation for accurate and reliable lateral flow assays.

Lateral Flow Assay Development

--We follow a systematic approach involving feasibility assessments, prototype development, optimization, and validation.

Lateral Flow Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art facilities and manufacturing capabilities ensure efficient and high-quality production of lateral flow assays. We can handle small to large-scale production volumes, meeting your project timelines and requirements. Our experienced team ensures consistent and reliable manufacturing of lateral flow assays for your testing needs.


The services you will receive

Speed: Lateral flow technology provides rapid results, typically within minutes, saving time and manpower.

Simplicity: Lateral flow technology is simple to use, requiring no complex instruments or equipment, making it suitable for both laboratory and on-site environments.

Flexibility: We can develop and optimize lateral flow assays tailored to our customers' requirements, catering to different sample types and target analyses.

Accuracy: We use high-quality antibodies and antigens for screening and development, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our lateral flow assays.

Professionalism: Our team possesses extensive biomedical expertise and knowledge, providing comprehensive technical support and interpretation.

At SEKBIO, we prioritize communication and collaboration with our clients throughout the development process, and our team is committed to providing unparalleled customer service and support.

LFA Uncut Sheets Catalog

  • Infectious disease
  • Cardiac Marker
  • Tumor Marker

Infectious disease

Catalog NO.Product NameSpecimenQuotation
SCHL5001Chlamydia Ag Rapid  test
SHBsAg5001HBsAg Rapid  testWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaInquiry
SHCV5001HCV Ab Rapid  testWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaInquiry
SHIV5001HIV 1/2 Ab Rapid  testWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaInquiry
SHIV5002HIV1/2/O Ab Rapid  testWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaInquiry
SHP5001H. Pylori Ab Rapid test Uncut SheetSerum/PlasmaInquiry
SHP5002H. Pylori Ag Rapid test Uncut SheetFecesInquiry
SMAL5001Malaria pf  Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole BloodInquiry
SMAL5002Malaria pf/pv Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole BloodInquiry
SMAL5003Malaria pf/pan  Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole BloodInquiry
SROTA5001Rotavirus Rapid  testFecesInquiry
SADEN5001Adenovirus Rapid test Uncut SheetFecesInquiry
SRAC5001Rota/Adeno combo Rapid  testFecesInquiry
SSTA5001Strep A Rapid  testSwabInquiry
SSYP5001Syphilis antibodies (IgG and IgM)  Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaInquiry
SDENG5001Dengue IgG/IgM Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaInquiry
SDENG5002Dengue Ns1 Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaInquiry
SDENG5003Dengue IgG/IgM+Ns1 Combo Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaInquiry
STP5001Typhoid Ab Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaInquiry
STP5002Typhoid Ag Rapid test Uncut SheetFecesInquiry
STP5003Typhoid/Para Typhoid Ag Rapid test Uncut SheetFecesInquiry
STB5001TB Ab Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaInquiry
SCOVD5001COIVD-19 Ag Rapid test Uncut SheetSwabInquiry
SFLU5001Influenza A+B Ag Rapid test Uncut SheetSwabInquiry
SFC5001Influenza A+B/SARS-CoV-2 Ag combo Rapid test Uncut SheetSwabInquiry

Cardiac Marker

Catalog NO.Product NameSpecimenCut-OffQuotation
SCKMB3001CK-MB Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/Plasma5ng/mlInquiry
SMYO3001Myoglobin Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/Plasma50ng/mlInquiry
SCTNI3001cTnI Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/Plasma0.5ng/ml, 0.3ng/mlInquiry
SHFABP3001H-FABP Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/Plasma10ng/mlInquiry
SCMC3001Myoglobin/CK-MB/Troponin I Rapid Combo TestWhole Blood/Serum/Plasma5ng/50ng /0.5ng/mlInquiry
SDD3001D-dimer Rapid test Uncut Sheet DeviceWhole Blood/Serum/Plasma500ng/mLInquiry
SCRP3001CRP CRP Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/Plasma1~3~10mg/LInquiry
SCRP3002CRP CRP Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/Plasma10~30mg/L, 10~60mg/LInquiry
SCRP3003CRP CRP Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/Plasma10~30~60mg/LInquiry
SPCT3001Procalcitonin Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/Plasma0.5~2~10ng/mlInquiry
SSAA3001Serum amyloid A Rapid test Uncut SheetWhole Blood/Serum/Plasma10~30~60mg/LInquiry

Tumor Marker

Catalog NO.

Product Name





FOB Rapid test Uncut Sheet





Microalbmin Papid Test


20mg/L, 50mg/L



PSA Rapid test Uncut Sheet

Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma




Ferritin Rapid test Uncut Sheet

Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma



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