Hundreds of developed immunoassay items

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    Sophisticated immunoassay platforms have been established to provide customized service.

    Sekbio has established three immunoassay platforms for different clinical application scenarios, and relevant semi-finished bulk reagents can be provided according to the client's needs, including:

    Ⅰ. Lateral flow technology platform

    Ⅱ. Automatically Chemiluminescence Immunoassay

    Ⅲ. Conventional ELISA

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    Sekbio offers FDA & BfArM grade antibodies, LFA uncut sheets, CLIA bulk reagents and customized development services.

    We supply mAbs to the top 3 Chinese IVD brands with our 2000 ㎡ GMP grade facility. Our recombinant antibody cell lines can be stable for 60 generations. Based on the high-quality antibodies we produce in-house, we also roll out the relevant reagents, including lateral flow immunoassay (LFA uncut sheets) and chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA). All sorts of parameters are available, and picogram sensitivity can be attained.

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    We specialise in developing recombinant antibodies and large-scale production capacity with comprehensive QC platforms.

    Only high-sensitivity antibodies pair will be rolled out to the market to save our clients precious time. During our internal antibody development process, we screen hundreds of antibody clones using our automatic CLIA platform and can efficiently screen out clones with high sensitivity. Some clients have adopted our CoV-2 antibodies to get FDA and BfArM approved, which have contributed to containing the pandemic.

SEKBIO IVD Antibody/Antigen
  • With a Veteran Team

    With a Veteran Team

    30+ years of experience in the IVD industry

    Develop COVID-19 raw material just

    30 days after the virus broke out in China

  • Comprehensive Technical Platforms

    Comprehensive Technical Platforms

    Recombinant Protein

    Protein Purification

    QC Platform

    Hybridoma Antibody Discovery Platform

    Humanized Antibody & Chimeric Antibody

  • Large-scale Protein Manufacturing

    Large-scale Protein Manufacturing

    Strong recombinant protein development capacity

  • Powerful IVD Assay Development Capability

    Powerful IVD Assay Development Capability

    Provide customized service

Why choose Sekbio

Expertise: Spearheaded by a team of seasoned scientists with over 25 years of collective experience in immunoassay development, Sekbio boasts a proven track record of accomplishments in crafting top-tier, economically viable immunoassays for diverse biomedical applications.
Technology: Sekbio presents an expansive array of cutting-edge assay technologies, encompassing Lateral Flow, ELISA, and CLIA. This versatility empowers the company to engineer customized assays precisely tailored to the unique requirements of its biomedical clients.
Cost-effectiveness: Sekbio remains steadfast in its commitment to furnishing superlative, budget-conscious immunoassay development services. With a range of pricing options at hand, the company ensures compatibility with the financial parameters of every client.
Customer service: Sekbio is unwavering in its dedication to delivering exceptional customer service. Featuring a specialized cadre of scientists, the company stands ready to address inquiries and extend support throughout the entirety of the immunoassay development journey.

SEKBIO IVD Raw Materials Services

As a diagnostic antigen/antibody manufacturer, we provide a full range of IVD antigens/antibodies, and we owe a veteran team with 30 + years of experience in the IVD industry. Please feel free to let us know your requirement.