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Supply Covid-19 antigen since Feb 2020

We have supplied grams of COVID-19 protein to global IVD brands, and our clients adopted our COVID-19 antibody pair to get FDA and BfArM approved. Millions of our client's rapid tests have been sold at home and abroad.

Our team was impressed by the day a German client shared that they published an article using our Covid-19 antibody, and we know what we do is valuable. We help you develop more accurate and affordable diagnostic tests!

Featured products

Covid-19 antibodies pair: Well-proven with high sensitivity; Bulk orders from global clients

Covid-19 uncut sheet: 10 pg/ml detection sensitivity; Massive supply each month; Competitive price

Omicron variant proteins are available from us.

COVID-19 Protein Products

Humanized anti-covid -19 mAb IgM protein N

Recombinant Spike Antigen (RBD)

For immunodiagnostic: ELISA, LFA, CLIA

Recombinant Nucleocapsid Antigen
Recombinant COVID-19 RBD-his Protein
Recombinant COVID-19 Spike T His Full Length Protein
Humanized anti-human COVID-19 mAb IgG protein N
Humanized anti-human COVID-19 mAb IgM protein N
Humanized anti-human COVID-19 mAb IgG protein S
Humanized Anti-human COVID-19 mAb IgM Protein S
Recombinant COVID-19 Spike 1 His Full Length Protein
Recombinant COVID-19 Spike 1 mFc Full Length Protein

Humanized Anti-human COVID-19 Rbd Antibody (Control)

For immunodiagnostic: ELISA, LFA, CLIA

Mouse Anti-human COVID-19 Nucleocapsid Mab

COVID-19 Antigen Test

The Covid 19 antigen test can detect whether human samples contain the Covid 19 virus. The diagnosis is rapid and accurate, with low requirements for equipment and personnel. The double-antibody sandwich method uses two antigen-specific antibodies to identify and bind to a target. Different epitopes of the antigen can significantly reduce the probability of cross-reaction, thereby effectively improving its specificity.

Compared with nucleic acid testing, the most significant advantage of the Covid 19 antigen test is detection speed. Its detection time is about 15 minutes, one-tenth of nucleic acid detection. And, it does not rely on equipment, laboratories, and human transportation; only test strips are required.