We are looking forward to cooperating with you in the long run.

We provide a full range of IVD raw materials, and we owe a veteran team with 30+ years of experience in the IVD industry. Please feel free to let us know your requirement.


Sekbio | a contract developer of immunodiagnostics for years

Sekbio aims to provide distinguished customers with reliable immunodiagnostics and development services, to accelerate the launch of your product into the market.

1. We have specialized in immunodiagnostics for years. Our team possesses extensive expertise in the development and production of immunoassays

2. GMP compliant facility and ISO13485 quality system to ensure the product quality.

3. Sophisticatd immunoassay technology platforms have been established 

Sophisticatd immunoassay technology platforms include
To sum up, Sekbio offers a comprehensive immunoassay development solution, covering everything from raw material antibodies to finished reagents.
  • CLIA-Automated chemiluminescence immunoassay platform
  • LFA- Qualitative or quantitative lateral flow immunoassay
  • IVD antibodies discovery and production