A secondary antibody aids in the detection, sorting, or purification of target antigens by binding to the primary antibody, which directly binds to the target antigen.

Since most primary antibodies originated from just a few host animal species, with nearly all of the antibodies being of the IgG class, it is easy and economical for manufacturers to produce and supply ready-to-use secondary antibodies applicable to most methods and detection systems.

There are many secondary antibody options available for purity level, specificity, and label type no matter the application.

Additive Products

Mouse anti-human RBC

For immunodiagnostic: ELISA, LFA, CLIA

Function of Secondary Antibody Additive

The secondary antibody additive is a designed to be used in combination with primary antibodies to detect target proteins in various immunoassays, like western blots, ELISA, and immunofluorescence.