• How do you guarantee your product quality?

    For the sake of higher quality standards, the production of antibodies is based on the supernatant of cells to eliminate the difference between batches and endogenous non-specific antibodies brought by animals themselves so that we can reduce Hama and other non-specific reactions in maximum effect.

  • What is the delivery time?

    Usually, it takes about seven days from receiving the payment to arriving at Europe or the US customs checking point. The delivery time is indicated as 15 days in our proforma invoice cautiously. And we prefer to use the FedEx service recently. However, it will take a bit more time for the shipment than usual,  as many international passenger airlines have canceled recently.

  • How to maintain the temperature of products in transit?

    We will prepare many ice packs in the box, and the box itself will be sealed, keep our products at low temperature during transportation. We suggest you contact the local courier to put the Goods into the freezer when it arrives at your airport. 

  • What coronavirus proteins do we select as raw material for your diagnosis kit?

    About 92% of the anti-coronavirus antibodies in the human body are from the structural protein of the coronavirus. 47% is from spike protein (S) and 45% from nucleocapsid protein (N). S protein is the most exposed protein of COVID-19. In addition, multiple studies have shown that antibody generated against the N protein of COVID-19 is a highly immunogenic and abundantly expressed protein during infection. There is not only a prokaryotic source but also a eukaryotic source, and that is why we are providing not only the N protein but also the S protein to our clients. We highly recommend you to have a try.

  • What is the recommendation to use these antigens?

    Based on our knowledge of our antigens and the feedback from our customers, we would recommend: To detect IgG and IgM simultaneously in ELISA or CLIA method, you can adopt option 1 (antigen HP811-01+ antigen HP811-60 ) mixed as a coating, or option 2 (HP811-04+ HP811-60) to mix as a coating, while second goat anti-human antibody as a conjugate, to form a sandwich reaction model. Only antigen HP811-01 solo is sufficient if you only need to detect IgG. To detect IgG and IgM simultaneously in the lateral flow method, you can adopt option 1 (antigen HP811-04+ antigen HP811-60) mixed as coating, or option 2 (HP811-08+ HP811-60 mix) as coating, and second goat anti-human antibody as conjugate. For instance, in colloidal golden particle conjugation, the recommended ratio would be 10-20 ug antigen mixed with1mg golden particle. Coating buffer: PB+sucrose, coating concentration: 0.5-2mg/ml roughly.