The IVD Raw Material Industry is in the Era of Change and Four Major Trends May Appear

At present, the IVD raw material industry is in an era of change. Not only are leading companies playing a demonstration effect, and the market scale is growing rapidly, but also characteristic small and micro enterprises are expanding rapidly in the segmented fields. Coupled with the high attention of financial capital, the industry has entered a period of rapid development, gradually showing a variety of trends.

1. The formation of an overall solution for IVD testing services is a major development direction of the IVD raw material industry. By providing a complete set of solutions from raw materials, and semi-finished reagents to supporting equipment, the company enables downstream customers to avoid problems such as repeated investment in research and development, which is conducive to promoting the development of relevant reagents, thereby quickly realizing industrialization.

2. The highly fragmented market structure of IVD raw materials provides participants with sufficient space for growth and integration, and industry mergers and integrations will become more frequent. Most of the IVD raw material suppliers in China have a relatively single business direction. Through mergers and acquisitions, especially overseas mergers and acquisitions, it will be easier to further expand the scale of operations, build a more complete technical system, continuously enhance product development and update iterative capabilities, and build a more complete sales network, standing out from the global competition.

3. Take advantage of IVD raw materials and expand downstream of the industrial chain. Based on strong R&D and production capabilities, many leading IVD raw material companies have entered the downstream market of the industrial chain by product development such as supporting equipment and test kits. By expanding the business model, the market space will be further enhanced, thereby driving the growth of the raw material business.

4. Enterprises should focus on the core technology of the IVD raw material industry and expand brand influence. The barriers to technology, production, sales, and branding in the raw material industry are all high, and companies with relatively strong strengths will continue to polish raw material research and development technologies and processes through in-depth research and development, which will help build a high-quality brand image.

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