The Bottleneck in the R&D of IVD Raw Materials Needs to Be Broken Through and the Competitiveness of the Industry Needs to Be Improved

1. Development of China's IVD raw material industry

As China's IVD raw material industry started late, the market is highly fragmented, and brand trust is low, there are still many difficulties in realizing domestic substitution. Compared with overseas IVD raw material enterprises, China's IVD raw material brands need to advance in R&D capabilities and production technology.

IVD involves a variety of diagnostic methodologies, and each procedure consists of various diagnostic items, requiring a wide variety of reagents and instruments, and the technical system is quite different. Therefore, IVD raw material enterprises need to build a complete technical approach and a more systematic and rigorous quality control system, r&d ability, quality control, and other procedures to enhance their core competitiveness.

2. Global market development of IVD raw materials

At present, the global market of IVD raw materials as a whole presents the characteristics of many participants, small individual scale, and insufficient industry concentration. Even the leading companies have a relatively low global market share. It is challenging for a single company to include comprehensive product lines. The IVD raw material industry involves many fields and technology platforms. Therefore, IVD raw material companies can establish a complete and rich product matrix through endogenous development and M&A expansion, covering a variety of application scenarios and better meeting the diverse needs of downstream customers.

In addition, the IVD raw material industry has high brand barriers. To ensure product quality, IVD manufacturers usually spend a lot of time and money in the research and development stage to verify the reliability of raw materials. Therefore, many production enterprises choose core raw material manufacturers with long operating years and high product popularity, and customer stickiness continues to increase. Thus, insisting on good word-of-mouth marketing and customer service, and gradually building a brand image with market influence, is also a way for enterprises to achieve breakthrough development.

The advantages of branding are becoming increasingly prominent. In fact, with the continuous investment of Chinese enterprises in technology and research and development, some domestic brands have broken through key technical barriers, and their product performance can compete with global IVD brands. Moreover, Chinese IVD raw material suppliers have more advantages in logistics supply and technical services, such as more controllable production cycle and transportation procedures, shorter supply cycle, and lower communication costs than multinational companies and demanders.