A geographical overview of Chinese IVD industry


Geographical distribution of 1941 Chinese IVD companies

  1. Half of China's IVD industry is concentrated in East China. It covers 8 provinces, and the number of IVD companies reaches 928, accounting for 47.81% of the total. It is highly correlated with its developed economics, rich talent reserves, convenient transportation, excellent upstream and downstream industry support and active local policy support.

  2. The IVD industries in South China and North China each cover 5 provinces, and the number of enterprises is around 300-400, accounting for around 16-20%. The market potential brought by GBA (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area) and Jingjinji Metropolitan Region, generous financial and high-quality personnel support have provided sufficient engineers and parts supply for the research and development of IVD equipment chain and other resources.

  3. The four regions of Centra, Southwest, Northeast and Northwest China are inland, and are too far away from coastal areas. In the golden period of IVD industry development, they have not received effective and sufficient policy support. As a result, the IVD industry is relatively conservative compared to other regions.

Province distribution of 1941 IVD companies in China

The top five provinces with the largest distribution of IVD companies are Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, and Zhejiang. The number of IVD companies is 379, 300, 263 and 254 respectively.

The top 3 provinces where Chinese IVD listed companies are located are Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai, with 18, 15 and 10 companies respectively. This distribution result is closely related to the location of China's capital market, where three stock exchanges: SZSE, BSE and SSE locate respectively.

The five provinces of Sichuan, Jilin, Henan, Hebei, and Fujian also play a pivotal role in the IVD industry. They have obvious radiation and driving effects on the IVD industry in their provinces and surrounding cities. They lead the development trend of the IVD industry in the region.


Distribution of IVD companies in Guangdong

The development of Guangdong's IVD industry has a vane significance in the entire industry. It has the largest number of IVD companies, IVD listed companies, the IVD talents and the most abundant educational resources. Guangdong is adjacent to Hong Kong, a highland of technology and finance, and has absorbed many advanced technologies and industrial transfers. In particular, Guangdong is home to several special administrative regions for reform and opening up. The thinking of local market is more flexible and open, and it has more advantages in product design and technology iteration. The firsts in many sub-fields for Chinese IVD market were born here.