Effective measures to make cells active

Cells, a biological term, are the fundamental units of structure and function in living organisms. They are extremely small and can only be seen under a microscope. Cells come in various shapes and are primarily composed of a nucleus and cytoplasm, with a thin membrane covering their surface. Cells possess functions such as movement, nutrition, and reproduction, making them key players in many biological experiments. If the cells used for experimentation are in a negative state, it can significantly impact the results. So, how can we activate cells to cooperate effectively in our experimental research?


1. Ensure Sterility of Laboratory Materials for Optimal Cell Culture

Maintaining a sterile environment is vital in cell culture to mitigate the risks of cross-contamination. Even the tiniest trace of contamination can undermine weeks of meticulous work. Given the warm and humid conditions inside incubators, fungi can proliferate rapidly, necessitating regular cleaning protocols. Additionally, before introducing culture flasks, pipettes, and other equipment into the laminar flow hood, thorough alcohol wiping is essential to prevent any potential sources of contamination.

2. Follow Proper Thawing Techniques for Cell Viability

Although thawing cells may appear to be a straightforward procedure, it requires careful execution to ensure cell integrity. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures during thawing can compromise cell viability for subsequent plating. Therefore, it is crucial to place frozen vials in a 37℃ water bath for precisely two minutes and subsequently dilute them with conditioned medium to prevent direct damage caused by dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO).

3. Handle Your Cell Cultures with Care for Optimal Results

Recognizing the delicate nature of cell cultures is crucial for success. Aggressive agitation or sudden temperature fluctuations can adversely impact cell growth. Ensure your incubator is level, maintains a consistent temperature, and is isolated from mechanical disturbances. Additionally, it is advisable to handle one cell line at a time to prevent potential alterations in genotype and phenotype. Regular STR profile analysis should be performed to authenticate the identity of the cell lines.


4. Harness Cells in the Logarithmic Growth Phase for Enhanced Performance

Cell culture involves distinct phases: lag phase, logarithmic growth phase, and plateau phase, representing low, high, and stagnant cell growth, respectively. The most robust cells are those in a healthy state, actively dividing during the logarithmic growth phase, reaching a confluence of 70-80%. Utilizing cells at this stage ensures optimal vitality and productivity.

5. Maximize Cell Growth Potential by Managing Confluence

Confluence denotes the extent to which adherent cells cover the surface of a culture vessel. It is crucial to prevent cells from reaching 100% confluence, where growth ceases. Instead, focus on maintaining actively growing cells for optimal results.

6. Enhance Cell Culture Media Development Strategy for Superior Performance

The selection of suitable culture media is paramount for controlling product quality, yield, and cost in cell culture. Customizing the media to meet the specific requirements of each cell type is essential for optimizing experimental outcomes. When considering the development of your culture media, several options are available. You can choose to purchase pre-formulated media, develop your own customized formulation, or collaborate with a specialized company. Factors such as time and cost should be carefully evaluated during this decision-making process.

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