Anti-CA72-4 mAb

CA742 is a tumor-associated glycoprotein that is a marker for gastrointestinal and ovarian tumors. However, the high ca724 is not necessarily caused by tumors, so when patients have elevated levels of this substance, they need to do a systematic examination, such as CT, color Doppler ultrasound, etc., to confirm the diagnosis. In addition to the above cancer, some chronic gastritis and chronic enteritis can also increase the phenomenon of this substance. Women can also have elevated ca724 if checked during pregnancy and menstruation. And if you want to know more related information, we also provide a tumor markers list.

CA72 4

The comparison study between Sekbio’s Ab(CA72-4) and Roche kit

Coated Ab: HA112-1M

conjugated Ab: HA112-2H


CA724 Tumor Marker