Anti-CA19-9 mAb

Cancer antigen 19-9 refers to a tumor marker associated with pancreatic, gallbladder, colon, and stomach cancers and is also known as an associated gastrointestinal antigen. Ca19-9 cancer marker has high sensitivity and specificity for pancreatic cancer. Detection of CA19-9 is helpful for differential diagnosis, disease monitoring, and diagnosis of pancreatic cancer metastasis. If you want to know more antigen markers, you can found in our website.


Ca19 9

The comparison study between Sekbio’s Ab(CA19-9) and Roche kit

Coated Ab: HA111-1M

conjugated Ab: HA111-1H


Ca199 Tumor Marker

The comparison study between Sekio's Ab(CA19-9, 1G12M) and Cang's

Coated Ab: HA111-4M

Conjugated Ab: HA111-4M

Ca199 Tumour Marker

Ca 199 Tumor Marker