Anti-CA15-3 mAb

Cancer antigen 15-3 is a glycoprotein whose antigenic determinant is part sugar and part peptide. Cancer antigen 15-3 is an antigen associated with breast cancer and other malignant tumors. The level of CA15-3 antibody in the serum of breast cancer patients significantly increased, so it plays an essential auxiliary role in diagnosing breast cancer. Similar to the status of cancer antigen 50, CA15-3 is also a highly important cancer antigen, which is the best indicator for breast cancer patients to diagnose and monitor postoperative recurrence and observe the curative effect.


Ca15 3

The comparison study between Sekbio’s Ab(CA15-3) and Roche kit

Coated Ab: HA108-1M

conjugated Ab: HA108-3M


Ca 153 Tumor Marker

The comparison study between Sekbio’s Ab(CA15-3) and Cang Ma695+Ma552

Coated Ab: HA108-4M

conjugated Ab: HA108-3M

Ca15 3 Antibody

Ca15 3 Antigen