Rapid Drug Test Uncut Sheets

Immunoassay Drug Test Market Research and Performance Reference

The standard procedure of drug testing is: Immunoassay + Chromatographic assay (when immunoassay tests get a positive result)

General analysis of source sample:

Source SampleInvasiveness of Sample CollectionDetection TimeCutoff LevelsAdvantagesShortcomingsCost
UrineIntrusion of privacyHours to daysYesHigh drug concentrations;established methodologies;quality control and certification adulterateCannot indicate blood levels; easy to adulterateLow to moderate
BloodHighly invasiveHours to daysVariable limits of detectionCorrelates with impairmentLimited sample availability; infectious agentMedium to high
HairNoninvasiveWeeks to monthsVariable limits of detectionPermits long-term detection of drug exposure; difficult to adulteratePotential racial bias and external contaminationModerate to high
SweatNoninvasiveDays to weeksScreening cutoffsLonger timeframe for detection than urine; difficult to adulterateHigh inter-individual differences in sweatingModerate to high
SalivaNoninvasiveHours to daysVariable limits to detectionResults correlate with impairment; provides estimates of blood levelsContamination from smoke; pH changes may alter sampleModerate to high
BreathNoninvasiveHoursNo, except for ethanolEthanol concentrations correlate with impairmentVery short timeframe for detection; only detects volatile compoundsLow to moderate